Fund-raising Initiative

Dear colleagues,

Have you ever heard of "neuromembrane malignancy", which is a neuromembrane cancer. According to the relevant literature, the disease still has a survival rate of only 10%, and the best survival result can only last for 4 years. The current medical and health research personnel are still exploring the cause of the disease. If you are unfortunate to suffer from this disease, except for receiving painful treatment, there are only non-stop prayers, and hope for a miracle. However, such a terrible illness has occurred around us.


Zhengzhou office account manager Zhao Gang’s son Zhao Zecheng unfortunately suffers from this disease. He is three years old. It is the best time for a happy family. But in the hospital bed, painfully received chemotherapy, fight against fate, fight against the disease, and fight against death.

As Yuanheng people, we are a  family, when we are enjoying happiness, what should we do for Zhao Zecheng? Let us bring care, bring warmth, bring hope, bring miracles to the children who are receiving treatment. Determined by the company, launched a fundraising action for Zhao zecheng, No matter how much money, it is a love.

Let us wish Zhao Zecheng to tide over the difficulties and recover soon!

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