central air-conditioning

  • Compact Counter Flow Cooling Tower

    The Compact Counter-Flow Cooling Tower YDL series are small counter-flow tower with the flow rate below 100m³/h (without 100m³/h).The Compact Counter-Flow Cooling Tower YDL series are small size, high quality and environmental friendly.

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    Water Or Ground Source Heat Pump

    Water (Ground) source heat pump is an energy efficient air conditioning system that provides heat or cold for a source of heat and cold by using the earth soil layer or the shallow water layer of the earth (such as groundwater, river or lake) or artificial reclaimed water source (industrial wastewater or geothermal tail water) The earth absorbs nearly half of the energy radiated by the sun to the earth like a huge solar cell. The temperature of the soil layer is approximately constant throughout the year, providing a stable and reliable source of cold and heat for heat pump.

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