central air conditioning cooling system

  • Open Type Circuit Cross Flow Cooling Tower

    1). YHW Line is a line of open loop cross flow cooling tower produced with High Efficiency, Energy Conservation,Water Conservation, Land-saving,Low Noise,Reliable and Intellectualization. 226 models of YHW line have got CTI Certification, 127 models got China's Energy Conservation Product Certification. 2). The excellent performance of YHW open cross flow coolin tower on water drifting is rather adorable, drifting rate is lower than 0.001%,you could barely feel water even stand near the coolingg tower. 3).Fillis of YHW cooling tower are made of Fire Retardant PVC, with self-extinguishing characteristics and ultra-high fire protection rate, which meet or exceed the standard of "CTI STD-136"; Water distribute more even with the design of fish ridge on fill's surface,and the utilize of heat dissipation KaV/L characteristic curve make the heat dissipation performance outstanding.

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