Cooling Tower Accessories

  • Nozzle


    Nozzles are used in both cross-flow cooling tower and counterf-flow cooling tower to make the water distribution unifrom and evenly.

    Yuanheng water distributuin system, including the nozzles, is one of the 5 innovative designs of Yuanheng cooling tower, it gained the patent (patent No.ZL200620052518.0) for it's uniq overflow device and flexible design to make the water distribute evenly and decrease water loss, saving energy at the same time.

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  • Hot


    Transmission Belt for Japan brand Mitsubishi which has features of high-quality waterproof, non-slip V-belts, groove wheel and belt.

    The Groove wheel and belt are tested by static and dynamic balance, which could ensure stable operation.

    German famous brand Arntz Optibelt runs even better after Yuanheng's running test, so Optibelf is a new choice for YHW Line cooling tower.

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  • Fill


    Fills is the heart component of the cooling tower.The function of Fills(Patent ZL 200620052520.8) in cooling tower is to increase heat dissipation, prolong cooling water residence time and increase heat transfer area and heat transfer capacity.

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  • Drift Eliminator

    Drift Eliminator

    Drift eliminator is made of PVC material.Saturated moist air condenses into water drop when across the drift eliminator,and falls to the bottom basin,thus effictively reduces the water drift and saves water resources.

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  • Motor


    Adopt dedicated outdoor three phase asynchronous motor as standard,which is specially designed according to f the proposed special environment of cooling tower operation convenient to replace,disassembly and maintain,make it long trouble-free operation,high efficiency ,high protection grade(IP55),high insulation level(F grade).the cooling tower can continuous operate with low energy consumption long -term under the condition of damp and hot enviroment(normal use life more than 15 years)

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  • Speed Reducer

    Speed Reducer

    The cooling tower transmission parts using high-quality cooling tower special belt reducer, Reducer bearings is the Japan NSK high-precision bearings

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