Very practical cooling tower maintenance method


Very practical cooling tower maintenance method

cooling tower as large-scale industrial equipment, once the failure may affect the normal production process, so in addition to the cooling tower manufacturers regularly on-site maintenance, the daily operation of the cooling tower must also understand the relevant maintenance knowledge, irregular inspection and cooling The various components of the tower prevent problems before they happen. Next, Wuxi Wanheng heat transfer Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the practical maintenance of the cooling tower, I hope it can help you.

How to maintain the cooling tower: maintenance of the cooling tower fan

Always turn off the power to the fan motor when checking the fan. Sometimes, due to automatic operation and other reasons, the sudden start of the wind is very dangerous. Moreover, the power must be cut off during shutdown, and it is very dangerous to start the fan suddenly when the power is restored.

(1) Check if the blade is deformed or damaged, or if there are any deposits such as dust and dirt. In addition, it is confirmed whether the gap of the blades in the tower is uniform on the circumference. There are no exceptions other than this.

(2) If the fan motor starts and stops frequently, it will cause a malfunction. Attention should be paid to the operation method so that the number of starts is controlled to be less than 4 times/hour.

How to maintain the cooling tower 2: maintenance of spray pump and circulating water pump

When checking the pump, be sure to cut off the power to the pump. Sometimes it is dangerous to start the pump suddenly due to automatic operation.

(1) When pressure, flow, current, vibration, noise, etc. are very different from normal, it is a precursor to failure. It is very important to process it, so please keep a working diary.

(2) When the vibration is large, check the installation of the piping or whether the foundation bolt is loose. Sometimes it is caused by the vibration of circulating water. When installing piping, consider installing flexible joints, pressure vibration or absorption devices.

(3) If the pump outlet valve is closed for a long time, it will burn out the inside and should be fully paid attention.

(4), frequent start, stop will burn the motor very quickly. Please control the number of starts according to the following criteria.

Motor power Start times: 7.5kw or less 6 times/hour or less; 11kw or less 4 times/hour or less.

(5), long-term stop operation or maintenance, if the internal water in the winter when the pump stops, the pump will freeze. The pump must be insulated or the internal water drained.

How to maintain the cooling tower: filler

During the long-term operation of the equipment, the filler will accumulate dirt, affecting heat exchange and ventilation, so it should be cleaned regularly with medium pressure water gun. To ensure the heat transfer of the filler.

How to maintain the cooling tower: cooler

In the long-term use of the cooler, scale accumulates on the coil and affects the heat transfer effect. Therefore, the heat exchanger should be cleaned regularly, and the descaling agent should be added to the sump.

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