The application of cooling tower


The application of cooling tower

1. Cooling towers are generally available in thermal power plants.

1) after the water is heated, high-pressure gas is generated to drive the steam turbine to generate electricity, and the remaining gas needs to be cooled;

2) its working principle is this: the power plant's cooling tower water is beaten out with a pump, through the water distribution device evenly dispersed the water falls, in general the cooling tower for dozens of meters high, like a huge chimney, can the air pumping up from below, in the process of air and water contact heat away, so as to have the effect of cooling water.

2, central air conditioning also has a cooling tower is to play a cooling role in the circulation of liquid.

3, there are professional production of FRP cooling tower, commonly known as cooling water tower, cold water tower, cold water tower, glass tower, water tower, etc., mainly square, round, cross-flow, counter-flow, no filler spray cooling tower series.

4. In a word, there are many places for cooling towers to be used, and the examples are endless. According to the purposes, there are general cooling towers for air conditioners, industrial cooling towers and high-temperature cooling towers.

5. According to noise level, it can be divided into ordinary cooling tower, low-noise cooling tower, ultra-low noise cooling tower and ultra-quiet cooling tower.

6, other such as jet cooling tower, no fan cooling tower, hyperbolic cooling tower, etc.

Cooling Tower、Open-Circuit Cooling Tower、Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower、 Industrial Cooling Tower.

Cooling Tower

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