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According to the latest Green Data Center Advanced Applicable Technology Product Catalogue  published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People's Republic of China, Yuanheng Energy-saving and Water-saving Cooling Tower is on the list  and has been recognized by the authorities s the Recommended Configuration  for building a green data center.   


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Green Data Center Advanced Applicable Technology Product Catalog (2019 Edition)    

In order to speed up the promotion and application of advanced applicable technology products in the green data center, and promote the continuous improvement of the energy conservation and green development of the data center, in accordance with the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Green Data Centers(the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2019) No. 24), the enterprise declare,the local industrial and information management departments and industry associations recommended, experts review, we compiled the Green Data Center Advanced Applicable Technology Product Catalog (2019 Edition)(hereinafter referred to as "Catalogue").    

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Green CNC Center is booming, building energy-saving equipment is rigid demand   


With the rapid development of the Internet and the advent of the 5G era, as the brain that undertakes the storage and processing of Internet data, the data center is emerging all over the country, and the importance of data and information resources has become increasingly prominent. As a result, data centers with huge data reserves and large footprints have emerged as the times require, becoming part of modern social infrastructure as well as transportation and network communications.    

Cooling tower

According to relevant data, it is estimated that by 2020, the pollution generated by the information and communication technology industry will reach 3.5% of global emissions, and by 2040, it will reach about 14%. The future IT-related energy consumption will be quickly increased by three times in the next five years.    

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the  Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Green Data Centers(hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). The "Opinions" emphasize that China should strengthen the green operation and maintenance of data centers in use; accelerate the promotion of green technology products. At the same time, by 2022, the average energy consumption of the data center has basically reached the international advanced level, and the power efficiency value of the newly built large and super data centers has reached 1.4 or less.    


Yuanheng cooling tower has outstanding energy conservation and was selected as a green advanced technology product.    

Under the rigid demand for energy-saving construction equipment in the Green CNC Center, the Catalogue issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has supported China's data center to build energy-saving green buildings. Since cooling is the largest energy consumption, hot and cold channel systems and efficient cooling technology can result in significant cost savings.    

Yuanheng Energy-saving and Water-saving Cooling Tower was selected as the “Green Data Center Advanced Applicable Product Catalogue” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It has been innovatively improved on the basis of traditional cross-flow cooling towers:    

Adopting the low gas-water ratio technical route, greatly reducing the energy consumption ratio and drift rate of the cooling tower, and solving the problems of insufficient thermal performance, high power consumption ratio, high drift rate, high noise and high failure of the conventional cooling tower;    

The thermal performance is effectively guaranteed to reach 100% or more, ensuring that the energy efficiency of the air conditioner host reaches the design level;    

Obtained China CTI certification and US CTI certification;    

Low energy consumption, power consumption ratio less than 0.030%, and obtained China's energy-saving product certification;    

Less water drifting : The loss of drifting water is not more than 0.000092%, and it has obtained China's water-saving product certification.    

Yuanheng Energy-Saving Water-Saving Cooling Tower

energy saving

water saving

Energy conservation    

The cooling water flow rate of a large data center is 6000 m3/h. Using Yuanheng cooling technology, it can save 490,000 kWh of electricity, save 166.6tce/a, and reduce 488 tons of carbon dioxide.    

The Yuanheng Cooling Tower is widely recognized for its high efficiency, energy saving and reliable products in large-scale projects around the world. Its business covers CNC centers, rail transit, medical and health, hotels, banks and many other places, especially in the field of energy applications.  


Data Center Project Display    

Cooling tower

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The energy-saving advantages of Yuanheng Cooling Tower are outstanding, thanks to the company's independent research and development and adherence to the creation of all values for customers. In the future, Yuanheng will help the development of green data centers with more prominent products and better services, and transform the data center as an “electric tiger” towards the “green computing”.    

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