Cross flow and counter flow cooling tower are two main types of cooling towers, what's the difference of them? Which one is better? 

Let's have a comparision. This article will show the  main features of cross flow cooling tower.

1.The structure of cross flow cooling tower

Water flowing downwards, lateral air ventilation(exhaust ventilation)  

Water distribution is conducted by gravity-type nozzles by a large distribution pool at the top of the tower.    

The cooling water is in contact with the air in the filler, and heat exchange is performed by latent heat and sensible heat.    

cooling tower

2.The advangtage and disadvantage of cross flow cooling tower


Excellent performance: sufficient heat exchange;    

Low noise: small resistance lead to no dripping, the overall noise of the equipment is lower, 3-5 decibels smaller than the same type of counterflow cooling tower;    

Less water drifting:  the fill itself comes with a water collector, does not produce dripping water, the wind speed is relatively small, drifting and splashing water is the smallest of all types of cooling towers, reaching 0.00036% of the circulation;    

High maintainability:  running or not ,the the equipment could be entered, the parts are  convenient, to clean and maintenance.    

Long service life: with High maintainability, high-performance use cycle is relatively longer than counter flow cooling tower;   


Multiple assembly does not damage the wind surface;    

More applications: Since the invention in the 1970s, it has quickly become the dominant type with irresistible advantages. 70-80% of the industry chooses cross-flow cooling towers.    

open cooling tower


The inlet water temperature requirements: cross-flow cooling towers mostly require inlet water temperature ≤ 55℃.    The land occupation is slightly larger: due to the cross-flow design, the width is relatively large, and the same model occupies a little larger than the counterflow cooling tower. 

There are requirements for circulating water quality: the cross-flow type of fill is designed for the whole suspension. The  impurity water is hard to bear, so there is a requirement for water quality.    

closed cooling tower

3.Main application areas:    

Low-temperature field: It can be applied in the process of circulating water with water temperature below ≤ 55 °C;    

For environments with high environmental requirements: cross-flow noise is low, drifting and splashing water are extremely small. cross-flow cooling towers are selected for occasions with high environmental requirements;


The field of high process requirements: due to easy maintenance, high-performance life cycle, cross-flow cooling tower usually used in occasions while high process required, water temperature and water quality meet the requirements of crossflow cooling tower.  

cooling tower

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