Features of open cooling tower


Features of open cooling tower:

1. Green, environment-friendly and safe

Resources can be recycled and utilized, environmental protection and economy; Clean production, environmentally friendly; Will not burn, eliminate fire hazard.

2, high efficiency thermal performance absolute guarantee

Independently developed and developed cooling tower with intellectual property, optimized design of tower body size, packing and air volume, thermal performance is superior to the national standard, and has obtained CTI product certification, thermal performance is absolutely guaranteed; It ensures that the energy consumption of the air conditioning system will not increase sharply due to the insufficient thermal performance of the cooling tower.

3. Low energy consumption and high energy saving

Under the same cold effect in advance, the cooling tower body size is large, the heat exchange area of the filler is large, the fan diameter is large, the fan speed is low, the motor power consumption is small, yha-c power consumption ratio all meet the national standard requirements of 0.035KW/ (m3/h), most models meet the requirements of energy saving products 0.03KW/ (m3/h), saving the operation cost for users.

4, low noise quiet environmental protection

High quality muffler material, transmission parts, effective control of mechanical noise; Pool sprinkler head cloth water, seeding pool with a cover plate, the water flow sound to the lowest, the filler and water in the water basin seamless connection, eliminate the noise of water splashing; The tower body design is large, the double-layer aluminum alloy wing fan noise is small, fully protect the cooling tower in low noise operation.

5, less floating water floating water rate low environmental protection and energy saving

The multi-function packing with high efficiency water receiver controls the loss of drift water to the minimum value; At the same time, the air inlet and outlet of the upper part of the packing is designed with a special water baffle plate, and there is no crossbeam in the middle of the packing to ensure that the water ejected from the nozzle will not float out of the tower. The water loss is far better than the national standard, reaching 0.00097%.

cooling tower

cooling tower

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