Features of household central air-conditioning


Features of household central air-conditioning:

(1) high efficiency and energy saving: modular host is adopted to automatically adjust the cooling capacity according to the setting. It is reasonable to install air conditioning in the daytime life and the night life area, and control the indoor and subarea, and operate each indoor and independent to adjust the air in each area.

(2) comfortable household central air-conditioning, the design method of central air conditioning is adopted, with large air supply volume, small temperature difference of air supply and even room temperature. Air supply mode diversification, different from the split type air conditioning like only one type of air supply, household central air conditioning can achieve a variety of air supply mode, according to the specific situation of the room to develop different plans, enhance the comfort of the human body.

(3) beautiful appearance: a comprehensive solution from design to installation can be implemented according to user needs and preferences. The system adopts the dark decoration method, which can match the indoor high-grade decoration. At the same time, the reasonable placement of outdoor units will not destroy the overall appearance of the building aesthetic.

(4) four-season operation: in summer, the refrigeration unit operates to achieve cold adjustment; In winter, the cold machine can be used together with the heat source to achieve winter heating. In spring and autumn, fresh air can be used for direct air supply to achieve energy-saving and comfortable effects.

(5) quiet operation: the installation method of separating the main machine and indoor machine is adopted, and the design of the air supply and air return system is reasonable to ensure the quiet home environment

(6) good sanitary requirements: like the central air-conditioning, it can reasonably supplement the fresh air, cooperate with the exhaust air from the kitchen and bathroom to ensure the freshness and sanitation of indoor air, and can exchange air in four seasons to meet the health requirements of human body. These are split type air conditioning can not achieve.

(7) flexible and convenient: according to the needs of users, one device can be used to provide cooling for two environments in a switching mode.

(8) heating operation should be adapted to local conditions: hot water with central heating can be used, and small wall-mounted gas water heater can also be installed as energy. Practical hot water coil heating in winter. Heat pump air conditioning can be used for heating. When quantity of heat is insufficient, heat with gas water heater and hot water coil.

The central air conditioning on the market is no matter brand or product series is various, want to distinguish not easy, when buying, it is ok to look at technical parameter more, the technical parameter that these provide by Shanghai quntan engineer below is often seen, want to see seriously yo, it is bad to be cheated otherwise, also be expensive by and large however good a bit. Input power: simply speaking, it is the amount of power consumption, and cooling capacity is two concepts, the input power can see the air conditioning nameplate. However, the nominal maximum input power is the power consumption at full load. Provided by the refrigerating capacity, air conditioning, cooling capacity is often said that the air conditioner a few horses (2500 w = 1), general family expenses for 200 w per square metre, for example: the room is 12 square metre, the refrigerating capacity of the need for 12 ㎡ x 200 w / ㎡ = 2400 w material 1 horse, namely 12 square meters room needs to be 1 of the air conditioning. Cooling capacity ratio: the ratio of indoor terminal to outdoor main engine. For example: the sum of indoor terminal cooling capacity is 20KW, according to the simultaneous opening probability of 70%, that is, 20KW 70%=14KW, and then according to the principle of the actual model may use about 15KW or 16KW outdoor main engine, if the simultaneous utilization rate reaches 80%-90%, will match about 19KW outdoor main engine.

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