Deqing Date Center -China Unicom'S Largest Date Center In East China Selected 22 Sets Of 800M3/H Yuanheng Cooling Tower

Recently, China Unicom Zhejiang Branch and Alibaba held the pre-delivery ceremony of the Ali customized computer room project at the Zhejiang Deqing Data Center, marking the smooth delivery of the first phase of Deqing Data Center, the largest data center in China Unicom.

Deqing Date Center

Deqing Data Center has a scale of 10,000, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan.Being the largest data center of China Unicom in East China,it has a leading green cloud data base in China, using natural gas electric heating and cooling triple supply mode, connected to the core node of China Unicom's national data backbone network directly . The built buildings are 3 DC engine room buildings, 1 ground pump room, 1 integrated office building and 1 110kV substation with a total area of about 50,000 square meters.

Yuanheng Cooling Tower

The cooler and electricity of the Deqing Data Center is guaranteed by the Deqing Distributed Energy Project of Zhejiang Nengyuan Energy Saving Company, which has completed full-scale trial operation. The project is the largest natural gas distributed energy project in Zhejiang Province.The installed capacity is 9 sets of 4300 kW gas internal combustion engine units, matching 9 sets of 4652 kW flue gas-hot water lithium bromide air conditioners and 9 sets of 4571 kW centrifugal electric refrigeration chillers, 22 sets of 800m3/h Yuanheng cooling tower and 11 sets of 1800 kW diesel generators.

Cooling Tower

After the completion of the project, the annual power generation will exceed 200 million kilowatts, the annual supply of cold will exceed 200 million kWh, the heat supply reliability will reach over 99%, and the waste heat utilization rate will reach 100%. The ultra-low emission of sulfur dioxide can be achieved, dust emissions are reduced by more than 95% compared to coal-fired boilers, and the comprehensive utilization rate of energy is 98%, which is twice of ordinary coal-fired units. Natural gas distributed energy is based on natural gas as a fuel,through energy cascade utilization, it can supply energy to users by means of cogeneration, reduce energy loss caused by long-distance transportation,  improve the safety and flexibility of energy utilization effectively. Compared with traditional energy supply methods, it has many advantages such as high energy efficiency, targeted energy supply, and significant energy saving and emission reduction.

Deqing Data Center selected Yuanheng 22 sets energy-saving and water-saving all-steel cooling towers. It has been in operation for more than one year and is stable and reliable. It has received praise from users with the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, less drifting water and high reliability.

Deqing Date Center

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