What is Cooling Tower Water Drift Eliminator


What is Cooling Tower Water Drift Eliminator

    The moisture carried in the hot and humid air discharged from the cooling tower, is partly composed by water vapor mixed in the air which cannot be separated from the air by mechanical means. And the other part is fine water droplets brought out by the airflow,which can use a Drift Eliminator  to capture and recycling this part of the water.


    The more or less water droplets carried in the discharged wet air are related to the wind speed in the tower and cylinder, and the water density as well. When selecting a drift eliminator, it should be determined by the strictness of the water loss requirement and the requirements of the ventilation pressure loss. Generally, it's required no obvious drifting phenomenon.

The Drift Eliminator should have the following basic characteristics: 

  1. High water removal efficiency,low ventilation resistance;

  2. With sufficient assembly rigidity and strength, the geometry shape should be stable for a long time under normal operation;

  3. Excellent performance against corrosion, aging and deformation;

  4. Simple structure , easy to process, economical and durable.

    Drift Eliminator is installed in almost all mechanical ventilation cooling towers.When instal a cooling tower, take care to make the effluent outlet airflow smoothly connect with the whole tower airflow, and do not make the airflow in the tower form a swirl or eddy current.    

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