Cooling tower advantages and features


Reliable: The unique and rational design of the external turbine is installed outside the cooling tower air duct for easy maintenance and repair. The structure is the same as that of the traditional cooling tower motor and gearbox. It eliminates the mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor, and it runs smoothly and reliably. High sex.

Cooling guarantee: The cooling system will change as the season changes. The external turbine is uniquely designed with three brake valves to increase or decrease the fan speed as the circulating water flow increases and decreases, and the air volume also increases and decreases, so that the cooling tower gas and water

The ratio is stable at the best condition to achieve the best running effect;

Environmental protection: When the external turbine replaces the motor, it reduces mechanical noise and vibration and reduces user energy.

Energy saving: Fully utilize the return water pressure of the circulating water system to convert into mechanical energy, and the external turbine replaces the motor drive to achieve 100% energy saving.

Safety: It fundamentally eliminates the faults caused by motor, electric control and leakage burnout, and provides a guarantee for safe and continuous operation, and can operate safely in any environment that requires explosion protection.

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Cooling tower

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