Syrian study exchange delegation to visit Yuanheng headquarters


According to reports, Syria has been ruthlessly devastated by war, 70% of the country has been damaged to varying degrees, and post-war reconstruction is extremely important. On August 29th, the delegation of the Syrian Trade Promotion Association, composed of 17 provinces in Syria, took on the national mission and visited and visited the Yuanheng Energy Conservation Science and Technology Park. Fu Lixin, the person in charge of the park, warmly received.

In the production workshop and product display area of Yuanheng Energy Saving Technology Park, Mr. Fu answered in detail the questions raised by the delegation on the design and development, production and operation, market operation and other aspects of our company, and made the global application of Yuanheng products and services. Highlights. The delegations gave positive recognition to Yuanheng's exquisite technology and strong strength.

In the afternoon, the Syrian delegation came to the headquarters of Yuanheng. The manager of the technical support department told the delegation about the basic knowledge of cooling towers and central air conditioning.

The exchange was a complete success. Yuanheng expressed his enthusiasm and openness and exchanged with the delegation without reservation. The delegation also cordially invited Yuanheng to participate in the mechanical engineering exhibition in Syria every year in April or September. The common development of both sides.

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