Benefits of periodic replacement and cleaning of cooling tower fillers


Benefits of periodic replacement and cleaning of cooling tower fillers

The cooling tower filler shall be replaced irregularly after 4 years of use to ensure the normal working efficiency of the cooling tower. For a cooling tower working for years, aging phenomenon exists and part of the filler may fallen off, resulting in the decline of heat transfer capacity of the cooling tower.It affects the operation efficiency of the refrigeration unit and consumes a lot of energy.At the same time, the broken cooling tower filler enters into the condenser copper pipe of the unit with the operation of the cooling water pump, and the new cooling water treatment agent (hydroxycarboxylate) currently used has a strong function of stripping rust, which leads to the blockage of the condenser copper pipe of the unit.

If the phenomenon of uneven water distribution is found in the operation of cooling tower, the cause should be eliminated in time, which is usually caused by block of water distributor and nozzle falls off.The filth accumulated in the cooling pool and the filler of cooling tower should be cleared timely, which generally should be cleaned every time it is deactivated. When algae growth is found in the circulating water, impact chlorination should be carried out to ensure that the remaining chlorine in the water has 4mg/L for a short time, or bleach powder treatment.Turbidity and water amount of inlet and outlet water of FRP cooling tower should be listed in operation records to accumulate maintenance and management data and serve as the technical basis for maintenance and improvement of cooling effect.

Finally,  matters that need to pay attention to the cooling tower filler replacement .(1) the waveform between the single pieces must be inclined staggered form to create good thermal resistance;(2) the rectangle filler assemble cell fits the square tower best, it will form a gap in the circumference while match the circular cooling tower and needs to be filled with single pieces of filler according to the size of the gap.(3) once the filler is blocked, it is not easy to clean.When the filler badly blocked, it needs to be replaced as a whole, which will increase the cost. 

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