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  • 01-11-2019

    How much do you know about the new national standard GB/T 7190? (I)

    Yuanheng “YHW Crossflow Cooling Tower" won the honor of “Technology Product Demonstration Award”and awarded the title of “Excellent Contribution Enterprise”at the 3rd HCSC Conference

  • 12-10-2019

    The Cause of the Refrigeration Compressor Failure You may Not Know

    The Cause of the Refrigeration Compressor Failure

  • 10-10-2019

    Unnegligible Role of Cooling Towers for Industrial Chillers

    In order to improve the operating efficiency and cooling effect of industrial chillers, many enterprises adopt an external cooling tower to make improvement. The external cooling tower can accelerate the evaporation of the heat source of the industrial chiller, which has a profound impact on shorten the time of cooling consumption and save the energy consumption of the industrial chiller for long term use. Therefore, the configuration of a suitable cooling tower is the basic measure for enterprises to improve the efficiency of industrial chillers.

  • 03-09-2019

    Things about Cooling Tower Certification

    How to judge whether a cooling tower meets the standard requirements of various indicators? The main certifications are: CTI certification organized by the Cooling Towers Institute, CCTI performance evaluation organized by the Cooling Equipment Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, CQC energy saving and water saving certification organized by China Quality Certification Center, and Water saving certification organized by Beijing Xinhua Water Conservation Products Certification Co., Ltd. etc.

  • 29-06-2019

    【NEWS】The First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo held in Changsha,China

    The openging ceremony of the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo & China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum held at Changsha,Hunan on 27th,June,2019, and the Expo lasts three days until 29th,June,2019. 53 African national exhibitors gathered in China, this event may bring unlimited business opportunities!Hunan is worthy of expectation in the new journey of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation

  • 05-06-2019

    World Environment Day -Beat Air Pollution

    environment friendly

  • 22-04-2019

    World Earth Day

  • 19-01-2019

    Hunan Refrigeration Society Council Held in Yuanheng Energy Saving Technology Park

    On January 12, 2019, "Hunan Refrigeration Society 2018 Council Meeting" sponsored by Hunan Refrigeration Society and undertaken by Hunan Yuanheng Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Yuanheng Energy-saving Technology Park.

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