• 【NEWS】The First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo held in Changsha,China

    The openging ceremony of the First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo & China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum held at Changsha,Hunan on 27th,June,2019, and the Expo lasts three days until 29th,June,2019. 53 African national exhibitors gathered in China, this event may bring unlimited business opportunities!Hunan is worthy of expectation in the new journey of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation

  • Four Series Cooling Tower Have Got CTI Certificates

    YHW—Open-Circuit Cross-flow cooling tower,YHD—Open-Circuit Counter-flow cooling tower,YCH-F Closed-circuit Cross-flow cooling tower and YCN-F Closed-circuit Counter-flow cooling tower have approved CTI test,until now, including YHA, five Series of Yuanheng Cooling tower  have got the CTI certificates.

  • 【CTI】How to confirm if the cooling tower is CTI certified

    Yuanheng have several series of colling tower got CTI CERTIFICATTION,they are YCH-F Series CTI Certified Closed Circuit Cooling Towers YCN-F Series CTI Certified Closed Circuit Cooling Towers YHA Line of CTI Certified Open, Cross-flow, Induced-draft Cooling Towers YHD Line of Open, Counter-flow, Induced-draft, Cooling Towers YHW Series CTI Certified Cross-flow Cooling Towers

  • What is Cooling Tower Water Drift Eliminator

    Drift Eliminator,also called water collector,is installed in almost all mechanical ventilation cooling towers, to capture and recycling fine water droplets brought out by the airflow, oo eliminate or reduce water drifting

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